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Cloud Solutions

What If you need to access important data files that were lost on a corrupted machine? Cloud Storage let's you do just that. What If you need to share important documents or video files with a client or customer? Cloud files make that as easy as clicking a button. What If you need to work from home but do not have the required software on your home PC?

Cloud Software means you can access your files whenever you want, for as long as you want.

What If Cloud Services makes your business move faster.

If you are interested in our cloud services please contact us on 01622 817481, email us on or fill in the enquiry form on the right of this page. Below is a sample of the different products and services that we provide as a cloud solutions.

File Backups

What If Cloud Drive allows you create a shared drive on your work PC. You upload the files you want to the cloud, which can then be managed from your desktop or remotely, you then pay for what you use in terms of storage space then decide whether you want to make this information public or private. To share or not to share?

Private or Public?

Setting your files to private enables SSL to create a secure, encrypted channel, protecting any passwords, content and usernames ensuring all data cannot be read by any third party. Public setting enables you to share your content with anybody, with any media files gaining a URL that can be sent on for universal access.

File Sharing

What If Cloud Sharing works with Cloud Drive. Each file in your Cloud Folder is dynamically backed up, shared and synchronised with all of the other users connected to it. We would set up automated 'versioning' so that users would not overwrite each other's files. As part of the initial configuration process, What If will discuss with the client what their issues/requirements are then provide a product or package to suit.

What You Get - Cloud Drive for Backups and Sharing

  • 10gb Storage space per user
  • AES-256 (bank level) encryption
  • Unmatched resilience & reliability
  • Secure remote access from virtually any device
  • Automatic backup of your chosen files
  • Fast recovery and migration
  • Customise frequency and type of back up
  • Team synchronisation of files with colleagues
  • Continue to work without an internet connection


What If provides all of its email customers with a Cloud version called Webmail. Webmail enables users access to their email from any online device and provides a secure backup version that calibrates with their desktop email program, mobile device email and calendars.

What You Get - Email

  • 10gb Storage space per user
  • AES-256 (bank level) encryption
  • Advanced anti-virus scanning
  • Unbeatable spam filtering
  • Access emails from any country (regardless of ISP)
  • Unmatched resilience & reliability
  • Compatible virtually any email software or device
  • Automatic daily backup of your emails
  • Advanced Webmail
  • Scheduled out of office auto-responders

Shared Calendars

Simply enabling your calendar and contacts to connect to the cloud means access, sharing and updating important dates, meetings and contact information can be done anywhere. Integrate with your Mobile Devices, Desktop PC, Google Calendars and Sharepoint.

Shared Contacts

By adding Sharepoint to your Cloud Email Solution you can create a complete communication solution for your business. Organise your email, contacts and calendars more effectively with a complete project management tool.

What You Get - Sharepoint

  • 250gb of space
  • Control Panel
  • SSL 256 bit encryption (if required)

Software as a Service

Your PC is no longer the vital piece of equipment it once was. A hive for keeping all your important documents, files, personal information, photos, videos and expensive installed software.

Cloud enables us to provide all of these services from an external source, securely held, backed up, synced and updated when necessary. Word processor software, spreadsheet creation software, image software can all be delivered to your desktop, wherever you are, when you need it. No more expensive licenses for products used once a month, no more old versions of software packages lying dormant on your computer, slowing everything else down.

What you need, when you need it, at a fraction of the cost.

If you are interested in our cloud services please contact us on 01622 817481, email us on or fill in the enquiry form on the right of this page.

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