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SEO Promotion in Kent

What If provide a complete online marketing solution that suits your business needs. This includes; search engine optimisation, Google maps business listings, Google Adwords marketing campaigns and social networking advertising. Call us now on 01622 817481 to receive a FREE SITE REVIEW or to discuss your company requirements.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving certain elements of your website in order to improve your ranking on search engines. The higher up the search engines you rank, the more exposure you have, driving more potential customers to your site and ultimately more sales.

If you would like a review of your site or are interested in SEO, please fill in the form opposite, email us on or call 01622 817481 for more information.

So how do I become number one on page one of Google?

Our aim is to use techniques that include; optimising your content, creating link campaigns with relevant businesses and adding you to researched directories with good page ranking.

Our SEO and marketing experts will create a bespoke marketing strategy by researching keywords and relevant competition to ensure your site is optimised to reach your specific audience as well as promoting specific services or products to obtain the maximum exposure.

Our policy is to use the latest techniques, changing algorithms that search engines employ and being here ready to answer any questions or discuss new techniques for your site and your products. Our aim is to make you money, if we achieve that then we know we have succeeded.

Monthly Reporting

By signing up with us for monthly evaluation you get detailed monthly reports telling you exactly what you need to know about your website activity.

  • How many people are visiting your site?
  • How are they finding you? (Organic keywords, PPC, links, directories, direct)
  • What is working and what is not. (Popular pages, articles)
  • What we will be doing to make improvements to your search engine visibility.

With this information we can then make changes to your campaign to get the right results for you. We will show you exactly how your site is doing and how we are making a difference.

Is there anything else I can do to ensure my website gets immediate exposure?

Whilst our main aim is to achieve high organic listings through your sites content and marketing there are other techniques we employ that enables us to get you maximum exposure in a short space of time. By advertising through a pay per click (PPC) campaign on any number of search engines or social networking sites you can reach your audience by placing small, direct ads to guide customers to your site.

Google Adwords

The most popular method is to create an Adwords Campaign. Google achieves the highest exposure on the Internet so an advert can mean immediate results on a large scale. Our experts create ads that are specific to a product; a page on your site, a geographical area or even a country and by making bids on the most popular keywords can achieve page one ad placements 24hrs after creating the campaign. You can set daily budgets to ensure you do not overspend and even concentrate your ads exposure during certain hours of the day or days of the week.

Google Places

By creating a simple business listing with keywords, images and demographics we can place a Google map listing for your business. Google Places are always the first to be listed if the keyword matches a set of results so by placing your listing under your key services any local searches will provide another way for potential customers to find you, they can even get directions at the same time!

Social Networking

Using popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we can create targeted campaigns using a similar pay per click method but using the power of social media to promote your site or product. Facebook is great for producing campaigns for lifestyle products as you can target likes and dislikes as well as hobbies. LinkedIn is geared towards B2B advertising as you can target specific industries, sectors or even job titles.

Linking and Affiliate marketing

One of the most effective ways in ensuring your website is ranked well by the search engines is to create links to and from your site with relevant businesses, blogs and articles. This is called reciprocal linking. Google and the other search engines look favourably on sites that inter link their services through link building. Ultimately you are rewarded for improving the experience of the user. If a customer can find your site and then be directed to another site that offers a relevant product or service therefore enhancing the usability of the Internet, you are rewarded for this.

Gone are the days of link farming which was abused by web creators and businesses alike by creating page upon page of useless and irrelevant links to all and sundry, this method is now rightfully punished and those that take time to make this process a profitable one for internet users are subsequently rewarded.

We will work with you to contact companies that offer a product that has relevance to yours, without crossing the competitor threshold, and create reciprocal links that enable visitors to your site access theirs, and visitors to their site, find yours.

Video SEO and YouTube

The most recent of the available means of SEO and search engine marketing is through the use of video. Web video is now one of the most popular means of getting information from the Internet and with YouTube boasting the second most popular search engine after Google, you can understand the importance that this site brings.

Google actually owns YouTube so looks favourably on sites with web video and/or YouTube channels. These videos are indexed as text is so video now improves ranking by use of keywords and tags as well as improving the look and dynamics of your site.


If you would like a review of your site or are interested in SEO, please fill in the form opposite, email us on or call 01622 817481 for more information.

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